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Real estate is most likely your largest single asset. Don’t leave these important legal documents up to chance.
Get an expert who will work with you every step of the way to make sure that they are handled correctly.

  • Save Time

    Don’t spend hours scouring the internet for deed templates and instructions for how to complete them.

  • Licensed Attorneys

    Every document is reviewed by an attorney to ensure that it complies with state and county regulations.

  • Over 1 Million Deeds

    Our deed specialists have prepared over 1 million documents since we started in 1997. Yes… we know what we’re doing and we have seen every situation that may come up.

  • Low Price Guarantee

    If you’re able to find another full service deed preparation service that offers a lower price, we will beat it. Our guess is that you won't.

Why Should You Use DeedLady To Prepare & File Your Deed?

Why Risk It?

If you’re like most people… your home (or your vacation home, or your investment properties) represent your biggest personal assets. The deeds or titles to these real estate properties are vital legal documents. If a mistake is made while preparing or recording these forms it may lead to massive headaches in the future.

If you submit an incorrect title to your county assessor or state office you may not even know about it at the time. You might not even learn that there is a flaw for years, until you end up needing to refer to it. It could go unnoticed until you try to refinance your mortgage, sell the property or even until you pass away.


Error Free - Every Time

Our highly trained and experienced Deed Specialists are able to ensure that your deed or title is correctly prepared, signed, and recorded with the county. We work closely with each of our clients so that they understand the process.

In addition to that… each and every document that we prepare is reviewed by a professional attorney that is licensed in the given jurisdiction.

We serve all 50 states and can prepare deeds for many different types of situations. If you’re transferring a property to a loved one, adding someone’s name to an existing deed, moving it into your business or LLC, gifting a timeshare or setting up a living trust we can help.

Check out all of the different types of deeds and title transfers we are capable of doing for you by clicking here.


Handled For You - Streamlined

Property Transfers and Deeds are all we do. We’ve completed over a million of them since 1997. It’s all we think about. That means that you don’t have to.

Why should you have to spend your time and energy researching all of the various documents, forms, regulations, laws and fees for your deed?

In just a fraction of the time you can order our deed preparation services... and because we’re so good at it - it doesn’t even end up costing you an arm and a leg (like going to a local lawyer might). We’ve streamlined the entire process so that we can offer our service at a huge discount.

We even guarantee that we will never be beat on price. If you find another full service provider that says they can do it for less, we’ll top it! - Our guess though… is that you won’t.

Get started with your order now by clicking here to see our upfront pricing and details on what we’ll be able to do for you!


Know In Advance - Before Committing

No one ever said that real estate law was simple.

Transferring your property… or even just adding another name to it can be a complex process and have consequences that you never thought of. Changes like these can affect everything from tax liabilities to estate planning.

When you contact us about your deed or title change... the very first step we do is to listen deeply about your specific scenario so that we can understand what you’re trying to accomplish. Then we’ll let you know if there are any hurdles or potential problems that may arise from the transfer process.

We’ll also let you know what you can expect to have to pay for things like recording fees or transfer taxes. That way you are fully aware of everything before deciding to move forward.

We won’t even collect your credit card information for payment before you know everything and give us the go ahead.


Here Is What A Few Of Our Happy Customers Have Said

Here are a just a few of the glowing comments we've received from our clients in the past:

  • " Everyone was so polite... very knowledgable, they never said they could not do something!! I am so very pleased:) They saved me a ton of money and are better than having to sit in an Attorneys office being charged for every minute you are there.

    I will continue to use this fabulous source, Go DeedLady!!! "

    Mary from Orlando

  • " I was thrilled with the attention given to my order. I spoke with a wonderful lady from your company twice and she was a real pleasure!

    Thank you so much once again and of course I will be using your services again.. "

    Cindy from Wisconsin

  • " Easy to navigate, answers all questions in plain language (you don't have to be a lawyer) Fast, professional and if you have to call they are very patient and easy to deal with. "

    John from Orange County

What Type Of Deed Or Property Transfer Are You Looking To Do?

Add or Remove a Child, Parent or 3rd Party

If you have a co-owner (such as a child or parent) that you would like to add to a title in order to avoid probate – or if you'd like to remove a co-owner from a title, we can help. We will conduct all of the necessary research and prepare the correct deed for you.

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Marriage or Divorce

Whether you have recently gotten married and would like to add your husband or wife to your property title. Or... if you are going through a divorce or separation and need to remove your spouse we can make sure the whole process goes as smoothly as possible.

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Transfer to your Business

If you would like to title your property into your newly formed LLC or Corporation we will prepare the correct deed for you. We can talk about how you may be exempt from transfer tax and let you know what all the financial impacts may be before you go forward.

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Gift your Home or Timeshare

If you’d like to gift a property or timeshare to your child, other family member or friend we can make it happen. Many people do this to avoid paying timeshare maintenance fees when they are no longer using them. Learn more about working with us on your deed by clicking here.

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Avoid Probate with a Trust

When you refinance a property or create a new living trust and want to make sure that property does not go into Probate you must have the property deeded or titled in the name of the new Living Trust document. We can prepare the correct deed to transfer your home or other properties into your trust.

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Correct a Mistake on Your Deed

Vesting of a deed can be complicated especially in knowing what the differences are between Joint Tenancy and Community Property. Most states do not offer Community Property as a choice, and every state has different vesting options. Avoid making a mistake or have us fix an existing mistake on your deed.

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Some Of The Most Common Questions We Receive

Who is the Deed Lady? Are you just one woman working on deeds?

No, the Deed Lady is just our cute mascot that lets people know what we do in a fun way. :) Sorry for the confusion.

Deed Lady is a company based out of Henderson Nevada that is full of all different types of people, some ladies and some not. We have about 20 employees (depending on how you count), most of whom focus solely on helping our customers prepare deeds and other legal documents.

To provide external legal oversight we also have contracted with dozens of different attornies that are licences in all of the 50 states. While they don't prepare the deeds directly, they review each final document to make sure it will not have any issues when it goes to be recorded.

I just bought a new home - Are you able to prepare our deed?

No, we typically are only able to work with clients that are looking to make deed or title changes where no cash exchanges hands. If you bought or sold a home then you are most likely working with a title insurance company. As part of their service they should be assisting you with this.

I need to transfer the title of a property in a state where I do not live - Can you still help?

Of course! Because we are experienced and licensed to operate in all 50 states one of the most common scenarios we deal with are people who need to transfer a property in another state. Even if you have a co-owner or other interested party that doesn’t reside near you, we are able to make it work. No need to fly around the country to sign a few papers. We’ll ship copies of the documents to the correct people and facilitate everything.

What do I do if the person currently listed on the deed is deceased?

Since the person stated on the deed is now deceased, the property will have to go through probate and be awarded by the court. You will need to contact a probate attorney for further assistance. We aren't able to prepare deeds that are subject to Probate. The probate court will determine who will receive ownership of the property and the court will issue a deed through the court proceedings once the probate has been approved and finalized.

I’m looking to give a timeshare to a friend or family member - What is involved in that?

We are able to handle the entire process of transfering a timeshare through email and mail.

Once we've completed your deed for your timeshare property you will need to contact the Owner Services division of the timeshare to find out how to complete the transfer of ownership with them. Typically the timeshare company will have you complete some sort of paperwork, provide a copy of the newly recorded deed and pay a fee to transfer the property to the new owner’s name in their records.

Can I transfer my title even if there is a mortgage on it?

A property owner can transfer title to anyone they like. However if there is an existing mortgage, deed of trust or loan on the property some lenders may have a clause in the loan documents that may require you to notify them prior to making any changes. You may wish to speak to your lender or review your loan documents for more information.

Here Are The Pricing Options You May Choose From



  • Research Current Deed
  • Prepare New Deed



  • Research Current Deed
  • Prepare New Deed
  • Record Deed with the County

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  • Research Current Deed
  • Prepare New Deed
  • Record Deed with the County
  • Completion Other Required State / County Forms
*These fees do not include the necessary State or County fees, taxes, transfer fees, etc. These only apply to our service fees for preparing and/or filing your deed.
Fees vary depending on the State, County and what type of deed you need.

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